Affiliate Program

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Terms & conditions:

We pay your affiliate commission by PayPal only.

We pay 25% commission on all purchases by your referrals. Commissions are paid under one of two scenarios;
       1) Every two weeks
       2) Whenever balance reaches $150 threshold

We provide no statements; they are available to view, download or print after logging into your affiliate page.



Personal Info

Sign-up requires first & last name, primary email and PayPal I.D. email. We pay commissions by PayPal only and have found them secure, reliable and effective for payments of all kinds in the past. Our affiliate marketing software's two-tier cookie and cookie-less IP tracking ensures you get paid on your referrals for life (even if your referral buys a new computer 2 years from now).

You will receive affiliate link and log-in information to your primary email address within minutes and you will be able to purchase the device at $199.95 immediately from your affiliate home page. You can also investigate your wide selection of pre-configured promotional text and banner options. You do not have to purchase to be able to promote us.