Safe New Magnetic Healing Technology that will change your Nocturnal Life for good!

My experience with EarthPulse PEMF Therapy devices

Before I start explaining to you what this is, let me share my story of how I discovered this product and how it helped me!

I was having a rough day after almost 18 hours of partying and I had to go for an important date that evening as well! Man i was tired and in the ####s!

That's when my friend and inventor of this device, Paul Becker, came over and asked me to check out his device. He asked me to lie and let the machine slowly vibration under my bed recharge my batteries. I said, what the ####!, let's give it a shot.

I lied down and closed my eyes, and within minutes, felt really relaxed and drifted off to deep sleep. After about 20 minutes, I was slowly coming back to awakened state, feeling better than ever. After the due course of 20 minutes, i stood up and man i was in a new suit! My body felt recharged, my mind was fresh to talk and be social again.

So heres how i met your mother kids! :P

Let's go into the details now -

The EarthPulse Sleep on Command™ PEMF therapy devices utilize electrically-generated pulsed-magnetic signals to literally ‘tune’ brain toward deep sleep.

These pulsed magnetic sleep machines evolved over 10 years of neurological and physiological repair research by EarthPulse™ Technologies through practical application on nearly 4000 clients in 30 countries (with 90%+ statistical probability of success during 10 years –greater than 95% during the last two years-). To learn about the science behind these sleep machine technologies and the outrageous mitochondrial effects (specifically upon oxygen metabolism and ATP production) please click the link above that will take you directly to the key independent research.

The SleepEasy® and Sleep on Command™ magnetic sleep machines emit a sequentially-slowing, pulsed-magnetic signal that entrains brain toward Delta-rhythm which is the deepest state of sleep. Delta-rhythm is the 'slow-wave' sleep state associated with repair, memory consolidation and hormone production.

These pulsed magnetic sleep machine technologies are far more effective than any white noise sleep machine, binaural beats sleep machine, pulsing light sleep machine or static magnet sleep system (regardless of how powerful the static magnetic field). With no negative side effects and success rates well over 90% (95%+ during the last two years) these sleep machine technologies are far safer and more effective than any nutritional supplement or pharmacological substance intended to make you sleep well on a nightly basis.

The entry level SleepEasy® sleep machine was created due to the severe economic conditions gripping the planet, so that no matter how ugly things become you can get the deep reparative sleep your body needs to function at optimal levels. “Fatigue makes cowards of us all” said Vince Lombardi, and these days we need all the courage we can muster.

SleepEasy’s single hybrid program is a distillation of a decade of sleep enhancement research. The SleepEasy® magnetic sleep machine is the most effective low-cost solution to the world-wide epidemic of sleep deprivation. Whether you suffer from poor quality sleep or full-blown insomnia, the SleepEasy® sleep machine is guaranteed to have you feeling a decade or two younger in 90 days or your money back.

You may set the timer for up to 12 hours and at the end of its digital sleep machine program, it sweeps to Beta (alert) rhythm helping you to wake fully alert. It is the most effective natural sleep remedy in the world, bar none.

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How does Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy work? What is PEMF Therapy?

Place the magnetic inductor under your mattress, turn it on, set the timer and press start. Because of its digital programming it even shifts to Beta rhythm frequency in morning to assist you to wake alert. SleepEasy® "supplements" your sleep environment with magnetic fields normally present in the natural geomagnetic range.

SleepEasy® begins its program in low-Alpha-Rhythm and sequentially steps down into the ultra-low-frequency (ULF) range. ULF corresponds perfectly to Delta-rhythm brain-waves. Your brain "locks-on" or entrains to the signals and before you know it, you're sleeping deeper than ever.

The SleepEasy® sleep-machine combats harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that modern society, cellular telecom and the government throw at us. It shields you from these at night and makes your body better able to cope with them during daytime. The range of frequencies produced by these sleep machines are the same frequencies that are intended by nature to promote relaxation and deep sleep; but have, unfortunately become background noise in the man-made electromagnetic spectrum.

SleepEasy® mimics the friendly magnetic fields Mother Nature provided prior to man-made electrosmog becoming so pervasive that we no longer receive the benefit to help us sleep uninterrupted so that we repair properly.